In Morocco, cookies are freshly baked and shared with loved ones at tea time.

Our team grew up to the smell of freshly baked Moroccan sweets, the taste of ground almonds flavored with Meska (Gum Arabic). 


Through Meska Sweets, our team seeks to bring authentic tastes/flavors of Morocco to American consumers. 

We believe everyone deserves to discover the pleasure of a perfect Moroccan cookie. 

We started Meska Sweets to share the flavors we grew up with and bring our love for this Moroccan tradition to the rest of the world. Every Moroccan cookie we make is based on the same recipes our mothers, grandmothers, and generations of women before them used to make perfect artisanal Moroccan cookies that will melt your heart.

Meska Sweets is a true labor of love. We wake up every day passionate about putting the finest Moroccan ingredients and the most authentic recipes together to make beautiful trays of cookies.

Our cookies are available in traditional variety as well as fusions with the trendiest flavors... As such we offer a Gluten Free Moroccan Macaron line with Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Coffee... and soon we will release sugar-free alternatives.


All of our treats are freshly made in NJ using the finest ingredients, have no preservatives and no GMO products. In addition to being delicious, our treats are Kosher (OU) Pareve.


Please get in touch should you have any questions about our offering across B2C or B2B.
We look forward to serving you.



Meska Sweets offers you a selection of the best of Moroccan baking and Moroccan staples cookies. Every day, our team bakes with passion the best of the Moroccan baking heritage using the finest ingredients and most authentic recipes.

Fresh off the oven

Just like our grandmothers used to bake trays of cookies every afternoon, we make it a point to deliver our customers freshly baked cookies. 

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