Our all-time favorite Moroccan treat is the Almond Crescent or Gazelle Horn. These soft, and chewy cookies are intricate and require lots of love and passion to bake. The Gazelle Horn is made of a base of orange blossom and cinnamon flavored almond paste, coated with sliced almond and molded into a crescent shape. 
This treat is Kosher OU Pareve.


*** Please note that all of our Gazelle Horns are Gluten Free (coated in scliced almonds)


Your order will have 6 Almond Crescents. You can choose different quantities in the drop down (size).

Almond Crescents - Aka Gazelle Horns - (Gluten/Dairy Free & Vegan)

  • Blanched California Almonds, Orange Blossom Water, SMART BALANCE Regular Buttery Spread, Sugar, Apricot Jam, Gum Arabic

    This is item is Kosher OU Pareve.


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