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Pre-Order our Almond & Raisins Moroccan Bites!

Our Moroccan Bites offer an amazing taste that will surely transport you to Morocco. These lovely treats are baked to perfection using pure butter (No Margarine). A pure bliss.


We recently launched "Moroccan Bites" - our newest addition to the Meska Sweets family. These are all handmade in a state of the art FDA facility in Casablanca Morocco using only natural ingredients (real butter) with zero preservatives.

All orders will arrive by May 31st.  We appreciate your orders as we ramp up production.

This is not a Kosher Product!

Pre-Order our Almonds & Raisins Moroccan Bites

  • Handmade using:
    Only Natural Ingredients
    Zero Preservatives 
    Made in Casablanca Morocco
    Not Kosher

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