An assortment of 60 or 40 pieces of our Moroccan treats for your next celebration.

This tray is customizable to your liking... but our standard choice is a combination of our:
- Classic Moroccan Macaron 'Orange Blossom & Almonds' (Gluten Free)
- Matcha Moroccan Macarons 'Matcha & Walnuts' (Gluten Free)
- Almond Crescents (aka Gazelle Horns) (Gluten Free & Vegan)
- Coffee Moroccan Macaron (or Honey Sesame Chebakia)
- Almond & Raisin Biscotti (aka Fekkas)

Everything is dairy free and kosher OU Pareve.

All our treats have a shelf life of 3 weeks.

You can also choose the 40pc tray from the drop down.

** We do not ship this item in a tray. We put all of the sweets in separate boxes to ensure they remain intact.

Tray Assortment - 40pc+

3 Options Available

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