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Meska Sweets for Businesses

Meska Sweets offers a reliable, periodic service, tailored to fit the needs of each of our clients. Whether a luxury or boutique hotel, a corporate office, a food-service provider or a high-end restaurant, we take pride in putting the same love for baking and the same diligent attention in making our signature Moroccan cookies and Moroccan Macarons.


Our team will use its expertise to make sure we provide you with unparalleled quality sweets displayed in luxurious boxes to show your clients how valuable they are to you.


We tailor our offering to your needs to help you put together the right selection of sweets in front of your guests and clients in an effort to dazzle them.


Luxury & Boutique Hotels opt to offer their guests our handmade Moroccan sweets:


  • at the check-in counter as a token of appreciation

  • as a guest-room amenity for VIPs and others

  • as a tea time accompaniment or other special events 

  • as a mini-bar offering


Companies choose our signature treats to offer loyal or prospective clients as a corporate gift or for a special occasion (coffee break treats during conferences/meetings ...). In addition to being delicious, our treats are a great replacement to chocolate chip cookies and brownies for office meetings or coffee tea stations during conferences.


Our handmade Artisan Moroccan treats are also perfect for wedding celebrations and Bar(t) Mitzvahs.


We work with your budget and your requirements to deliver to you or directly to your clients amazing and delicious Moroccan delights. 
All of our treats are Kosher OU Pareve. 

We also work with retail and foodservice clients across the U.S. and abroad.  Reach out to us at




For any kind of inquiries, contact us on



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